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Over a year later...

What a whirlwind of a year + it has been for all of us. Like many there have been lots of changes.

This summer, in July, our Nubian Doe S'mores gave birth to triplets, which is always an exciting experience. S'mores decided she wasn't going to let her babies nurse, so our children had to milk her and bottle feed babies them the rest of the summer. It was a good experience in sacrifice and patience for all of them. The novelty definitely wore off quickly but our children knew the babies were counting on them. They did an amazing job with the triplets, we couldn't be more proud.

Around the same time our oldest child left home to spread his wings and create his new world independent of the family. Although it was hard at first he is doing well and enjoying his new found independence. He does say when he comes to visit he misses the noise of the house. I'm sure it must be different having quiet after living in a house of 6 for so long.

The other children are adjusting well. Summer sports have ended lending way for the fall activities to take their place in time, and school has begun up again. They are growing like weeds and time is speeding by. It's mind blowing to see how quickly they grow. Our youngest is the only one in the house that I am still taller than.

The business is doing well, the kids have all continued to take a large part in designs, ideas and new products. Trial and error, and trying again has been a frequent recipe around here with new products. Their college funds continue to grow due to their hard work and great products. As we head into a busy holiday season they remember the amount of time and energy it takes, and they remember where we started from. We know how blessed we are for each and everyone of you. Thank you for your continued support and your business. Happy November

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