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Spring Fever

We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. We cannot believe what an amazing holiday season we had at Milestone Meadows! We never imagined that our soaps would be selling so fast, as well as our bath bombs and lip balms. We worked hard to keep up with demand this season and promise to be better prepared with your favorite soaps and bombs for next holiday season. We are already preparing for spring with many new scents added to our product line, so keep a look out on our website and Facebook page.

Spring cannot get here fast enough! We are still looking to freshen our little goatie ladies so we will continue to have fresh milk for our soaps. What is freshening? It's the barnyard way of talking about breeding. You freshen the milk supply. We have selected some handsome fellows for the girls to meet with when they go into heat again. Then 150 days later the fun of kidding (goats giving birth) begins!

The girls with their skol coats supporting our favorite team the Minnesota Vikings!

The girls have been taking it easy this winter doing their best to stay warm. Each of them have their thick winter coats now and have fluffed up fully to stay warm. On the really cold days they tend to stay in the barn. We swear they are dreaming of green leaves and sunny warm days. Other days they are out an about on the property keeping an eye on things and talking to anyone who walks by.

We are getting ready for spring, planning bee hive modifications, garden changes and of course hoping for baby goats. Here's to an early spring and a Vikings Super Bowl Victory.

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