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Crazy Train...

It has been a crazy couple of months here! From the start of a new business, kids going back to school and getting ready for our annual haunted trail food drive...I feel like I have been the conductor of the crazy train.

Our 4th annual haunted trail food drive was last Saturday. It is a lot of work and takes up so much of our time, so soaping had to take a back burner for a few weeks. Each of our kids easily put in 40+ hours helping to get it all set up. We have 20+ amazing volunteers that have come back year after year to help scare in our trail. I have to say we know some pretty amazing people who are very willing to give their time. We made all of them t-shirts as a thank you for their dedication to this event year after year. Despite the rain, we had just under 200 in attendance. We were able to collect 277 pounds of food to donate to our local emergency food shelf. So proud of all everyone who was involved!


Milestone Meadows is doing incredibly well and we feel so blessed. Many family, friends, co-workers, and new friends have been raving about our soaps. Thankfully they all feel like we do and think it is amazing. I have had mom's come and tell me how their teenagers acne has never cleared up so fast, other moms tell me that their little one's eczema has completely gone away, friends tell me that they used to have little red bumps but now they are gone. We definitely do not claim to cure anything, but we feel the all natural ingredients certainly help to nourish skin the right way. We are now delving into tins of soap for shaving, and continuing with our all natural beeswax lip balm. It's really kind of amazing that we take wax from our hives and turn it into lip balm. My girls were the first ones to decide we should try it. All of their softball team mates thought it was pretty cool. Later people started asking for more. So it begins another line of amazing all natural products. We have a local store selling some of our soaps now( Rockstad and Co. Relics & Wares) , another local store that is interested, and our very first craft show on November 4th in St Francis MN at the American Legion.


The kids are all back in their routine of school and activities. Corbin is a freshman this year, hard to believe. He loves high school and often times is there late doing some sort of activity. He joined jazz band again playing his coronet, and is now starting drum line. He played fall baseball and is looking forward to ski club this winter.

Lily is now in seventh grade. Middle school is about the same for her as last year, but now she too can play her flute in jazz band. She is always busy drawing and crafting something new. After the end of softball this season she hopes to join ski club at the middle school.

Ella is in her last year of elementary school. She is eager to join her sister next year. Softball season has ended so she is back to being her fashionista self, and looking forward to some winter gymnastics. She is bummed she is too young for ski club, two more years to wait.

Taylor is still working away with medical devices at his new job. He loves it, Monday through Friday no holidays or weekends. He is busy rock climbing with his pals on the weekend. All of the kids have been helpful with making soap and packaging. Now to get ready for the our crazy train life

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