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The Birth of Milestone Meadows

How did this all begin?

Rewind to a few years ago... for Christmas my Grandmother gave me a bar of Lavender goat milk soap. It was amazing! I couldn't believe I had never tried this before, my skin felt amazing and the smell was heavenly. Then to my amazement I realized that she bought this soap from a lady I worked with. I connected with her and bought many more bars of soap, I mean many more bars. I gave soap as gifts, I hoarded certain scents for myself, I watched my husband children fight over who got what bar.

Fast forward to this past winter, and the same lady I work with contacted me and told me she was going to stop making soap. She asked if I would be interested in buying her business and taking over her clients. I spent many hours in her basement learning how to make soap, and deciding if it was something I could fit into my already full life.

We discussed it as a family and decided that we could do it together, as long as we all pitched in some time and creativity. The kids were ecstatic, they came up with new ideas, some marketing possibilities and what day of the weekend they could set aside to make and package soap. It was set, we were buying a business.

In March, while on spring break with the kids my husband had a horrible skiing accident. He was life flighted to a trauma center, a week in the hospital and finally home for healing. It was a nightmare we never want to revisit. We still planned to go through with the business, God willing.

Unfortunately the soap lady decided not to sell last minute. The kids were heart broken, my husband and I were left feeling incredibly disappointed. We had planted certain plants to go with the soap business, started raising bees, and had many ideas sitting in wait.

In July we decided life is short let's give this a try. We started from scratch, all new equipment, all new recipes, all new cabinets and work area. A brand new company name, brand new ideas, brand new energy, and a drive to make this work. With God's grace, a lot of work, and many prayers this has all come to fruition.

So why Milestone Meadows? We came up with the name as a family, after many different ideas and discussions this one stuck. The kids have been growing so fast and each year it becomes ever more apparent the multiple milestones in life that we are all reaching, hence the name Milestone. Meadows came from the field/meadow area on our property. It is gorgeous to take in no matter the season. It houses our goats, bees, chickens, greenhouse and our gardens. Viola!! Milestone Meadows was born!

What about the logo? Our adorable logo was drawn by none other than our daughter Lily (12) and is a picture of one of our Nigerian dwarf goats Joy, affectionately called Joy bug. She is the sweetest goat we have ever met. She knows she is a precious little lady and wanders the property bringing Joy to anyone she can. Her little smile is infectious!

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